Danna — I’ve waited through the weekend to properly compose a response to you. I should no longer be surprised at the level of connectedness our community has. But, still, I am. It’s an awesome burden to carry the faith people like you have had in our cause. Though we did not need it then nor do we need it now, the donations people made simply showed us that level of connectedness. We have been sure to donate back those funds to the things that Will loved, such as music lessons for kids who want them, uniforms and equipment for the tee-ballers at Point Loma Little League, and annual scholarships for Junior Lifeguards. We will occasionally communicate our activities through the memorial fund we’ve set aside here: http://www.willpowermemorial.org/

Thank you for sharing your experience of Will and thank you for sharing that song. It’s the first I’ve heard it. Monday morning tears.

Current CTO of Tablecloth.io — Impact Investor Analytics. Former Publisher of Great Jones Street. Writer on grief, technologist for good.

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